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Indochina Capital

Indochina Capital

Website được thiết kế theo phong cách hiện đại, chuyên nghiệp phù hợp lĩnh vực bất động sản, thị trường vốn và dịch vụ tài chính.

English: Website is designed in a modern and professional style that is suitable with the field of real estate, capital markets and financial services.

Indochina Capital is well-established with a countrywide footprint and a team of investment professionals possessing extensive on the ground experience in Vietnam coupled with international financial, investment, and transactional expertise. The sum of these parts provides Indochina Capital with significant competitive advantages as a specialized and localized Vietnam-focused real estate developer, investment manager and financial advisor. The company’s investors and partners have come to rely on its breadth of experience, local operating knowledge, and innovative problem solving abilities.

Website: http://indochinacapital.com/